Crisis Management

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There are a number of ways we can assist homeowners who are at risk of foreclosure or struggling with their mortgage payments. In addition to negotiating with lenders on your behalf, our veteran agents can place your home into programs that lower rates, reduce principal, consolidate liens, and improve credit. If it makes sense, we can also help you conduct a short sale. Short sales are good deals for buyers, and it can help the seller avoid having a full foreclosure on his or her credit record.

In a time-sensitive situation, it is critical to work with an agent who understands what lenders are looking for. Our agents have the knowledge and experience to get you assistance and stabilize your mortgage. Contact us today and we’ll give you free, candid advice to help you move forward.

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As an owner or investor, there are obviously many rules and regulations you need to be aware of before taking any action with your property. Too often property owners make hasty decisions without getting proper consultation. This inevitably leads to severe penalties, liabilities and lawsuits. A drawn out dispute is usually bad for all the parties involved.

If you work with Nu Level, we’ll make sure cooler heads prevail. Our experience is that confrontations between landlords and tenants can be avoided when we take away ego and focus on solutions. While we do not offer legal advice, we can work in conjunction with an attorney to make sure that the timelines and objectives for your next real estate transactions are in sync and make financial sense. We’ll outline your goals and strategically plan your options for getting there.

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Although you may feel like you’re in financial ruin, you can overcome bankruptcies and bounce back by following a well-defined plan. Unlike many other firms, Nu Level agents have years of experience helping customers with financial troubles and credit issues. For homeowners, there are many strategies we can use. We know what it takes to start over and climb out of overwhelming conditions. Give us a call and we’ll provide clarity and help you rise up.

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A separation or divorce can be an incredibly stressful and emotional time. During this period you’ll also have to make tough decisions under mounting pressures and tight deadlines. We have agents who are specifically experienced in these delicate situations and will shield you from making costly mistakes.

Some common errors include:

  • Failing to list the real estate in the Summons and Petition which might prevent you from selling, and lead to your spouse getting a greater share of the property when it’s amended.

  • Relying on agreements that are not enforceable if your spouse changes his or her mind.

  • Deeding the property before the divorce is final and not understanding that marital interest in the property cannot be deeded away while still married, even if the deed is under only one name.

  • Using the street address instead of the correct legal description for the property, which can prevent you from refinancing or selling.

  • Not understanding the marital and non-marital parts of the value of the house, which can cost you thousands.

There are enough things to worry about during a divorce. When it comes to your home or property, let us help so you can avoid at least one major headache. We can coordinate with your attorney or even offer you advice before you begin the process.