In today's real estate market, buyers have lots of choices when it comes to buying a home. Experienced realtors know that homes that are staged will sell faster and bring higher offers. This is especially true for vacant houses, which tend to receive more “low-ball" offers from buyers who believe that the owner is desperate to sell. If you want your home to reach its highest price potential, staging your home can be your best bet.

At Nu Level, we want our clients to have a competitive edge over the competition. To do this, we provide customized staging options and different levels of professional design and decorating advice.

professional photography

Quality photos are critical for sellers in today’s real estate industry. With the shift to online shopping for homes and the rise of social media networks such as Instagram and Pinterest, buyers will not stick around or consider making an offer if they are not struck visually. According to the National Association of Realtors, 98% of buyers feel that appealing photos are a major influence when searching for a home. The statistics are clear: quality photos will help your home stand out and sell for tens of thousands more.

That’s why Nu Level has a team of professional photographers to put your house in the best light possible. If you list with us, we’ll use high-end photography to capture the best parts of your home and ensure that the photos pique the interest of potential buyers. Currently, only 15% of listings incorporate high-end photos because most real estate companies fail to understand their importance. Don’t lower the price of your home. Instead, consider Nu Level and our commitment to quality.